The 9 Steps To Financial Freedom


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Written By: Suze Orman

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Managing money is far more than a matter of balancing our checkbooks or picking investments?witness the fact that many of us know what we ought to be doing with our money yet often just don’t do it. This is the first personal finance book that gives us not only the knowledge of how to han-dle money, but also the power to break through the barriers that hold us back.

Suze Orman, best-selling author of You’ve Earned It, Don ‘t Lose it, goes beyond the nuts and bolts of managing money to explore the psychological, even spiritual, power money has in our lives. Before we can get control of our finances, we must get control of our attitudes about money, feelings that were shaped by our earliest experiences with it. Letting go of these anxieties and creating new attitudes are the first steps of Suze Orman’s program.

Next comes mastering the practical elements of financial life: investments, credit, insurance, and estate and retirement planning. This book tells you everything you need to know to provide for your-self and your family?not abstract principles but specific, concrete, and easy-to-follow procedures. Here you will also find the latest tax code revisions regarding estate taxes, inheritance, and individual retirement allowances (IRAs), including vital information on the new Roth IRA and educational IRAs and how to make them work best for you. You’ll also learn why you should trust your own instincts more than someone else’s advice in making any financial decision.

Finally come the most unusual — and powerful — steps: understanding the spiritual side of money. As Suze Orman explains, financial freedom is about realizing that we are worth far more than our money. Her program concludes by showing how to leave behind financial anxieties and open ourselves to true abundance?not only of the pocketbook but also of the heart.

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The 9 Steps To Financial Freedom: Suze Orman
Audio Book Summary

The 9 Steps To Financial Freedom download audiobook free

The 9 steps to financial freedom by Suze Orman addresses nine approaches to financial management in this book. She calls steps but they are really considerations or approaches. In the first, he mentions that Money affects all areas of our relationships. It influences how we develop in daily life, our ability to make our dreams come true, in our emotions and spirituality.

The path to freedom must begin in the mind, with the thoughts. The first step towards financial freedom is to go back in time, to your first experiences with money, where many of the fears arise. Doing so can create new financial truths and illuminate the path to positive action. It is important to be able to reflect on how you feel about money in the present.

We all have memories regarding money that if we are not careful can be a pattern of beliefs and behaviors It stresses the importance of creating new truths, is to reprogram the brain with new beliefs about ourselves by means of impact and repetition, in word affirmations.

The third step, is the section on budget and be honest with your income and expenses. The fourth step and first law of financial freedom is: people first, money later. The fifth step is basically about getting your finances organized, paying off your debt and investing wisely.

The next steps are about how you can help with money, about trusting yourself when it comes to investing, but also about finding advisors whose experience helps us make the right decisions.

What is really transcendent of the book is that it does not present you as an expert in finance with incomprehensible terms, but rather presents you as a friend who is giving you good advice with a very human approach. Orman uses personal stories from her experience as an investment banker and broker to stories of her clients which resonate with the reader.

Some of the best parts of the book address dealing with emotional issues surrounding money and learning to listen to and trust your “inner voice” to do the right thing with your money.

It exposes several times that we must be aware of the shortcomings we have about money to generate more positive beliefs, likewise, says that money will not give us happiness. It simply presents a way, so to speak, to make peace with money to live without worries and to favor others.