Acres of Diamonds


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Written By: Russel Conwell

Read By: Russel Conwell

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Publisher’s Summary: Why was Russell Conwell, the founder of Temple University, referred to as the penniless millionaire? This, along with other questions, will be answered in this revolutionary book that contains Conwell’s classic Acres of Diamonds message. You will discover how this lawyer, minister, writer, educator, and diplomat who represented the City of Brotherly Love left a legacy that is still changing countless lives today. His famous Acres of Diamonds message will also challenge you to seek opportunities to find true wealth right in your own backyard without getting sidetracked by selfishness and greed. The same principles that transformed Russell Conwell into one of the most charitable millionaires during his time, will also revolutionize your life as you read this timeless message contained in this book!

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Acres of Diamonds: Russel Conwell
Audio Book Summary

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Written by the founder of Temple University, “Acres of Diamonds” is an inspirational lecture about success.

Russell H. Conwell tells the story of Ali Hafed who wanted to find Diamonds to be immensely rich. Ali Hafed sells all his possessions and travels to distant lands in a long trip looking for diamonds. At the end of the story, when he has no more resources or success in his quest, he discovers that he who bought his former lands had found diamond mines under what had been his own house.

This story is an allegory of thousands of people who want to improve their financial situation and fail to achieve it. We all have a potential that can make us rich, but sometimes we strive to look for external treasures that are nothing more than mirages that distract us from the essential.

Sometimes we do not recognize our wealth because it is closer to what we think as we look further. Most people do not develop their skills because they do not imagine that they possess them. However, the truth is that we do not need to go too far to discover our own Acres of Diamonds, as these are found in the city or country where we live.

However, you should start by looking for them right there, without losing focus. Many people have already discovered them and others are about to do so, but the truth is that any human being can do it.

Wealth, prosperity, well-being, fluidity in relationships, are the consequence of a state of mind. And then that fertile mental state materializes in abundance through multiple ways. This story establishes the concept that probably what you are looking for in your destiny and everything you want to do is under your own feet and is very close to you at this time.Actually your acres of diamonds is the ability to achieve everything that is capable of you.

The key issue is that diamonds do not look like diamonds when they are in their raw form.It requires an enormous amount of work and polishing.

As a conclusion; Acres of Diamonds by Russell H. Conwell is a small, easy to read book with deep thoughts. It is an inspiring lecture on success in life.