Chicken Soup for the Soul

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Chicken Soup for the Soul

Written By: Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen

Read By: Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen

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Publisher’s Summary:

Do you believe that a story can change your life? That it can inspire you to be more happy, more confident and more caring? That it can lift your mood, clear your head and give you perspective? Now what about 101 of the most uplifting stories you’ve ever read about people reaching out, stepping up and transforming their lives and the world around them?

At Chicken Soup for the Soul, we know that a story can change your heart. It can touch your mind. It can free your soul. The moment might be as simple as a small child giving water to a dog on a hot day or as heart-wrenching as a parent responding with love to the murder of their child. It might be as common as a class of poor immigrants giving their young instructor a new coat she needed but couldn’t afford; as life changing as an unruly student learning to love math because of a dedicated teacher; as satisfying as someone apologizing for a hurtful action of several years before; or as monumental as the international work of Jimmy Carter and Oscar Arias, former President of Costa Rica. As these stories so wonderful illustrate, the power to change starts with you, but it doesn’t end there. When we change one heart at a time-our own and then those around us-we create a better world. We hope these stories will touch and change your heart today.

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Chicken Soup for the Soul: Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen
Audio Book Summary


Chicken soup for the soul download audiobook freeChicken Soup for the Soul is a compilation of life stories that cover topics such as love, friendship, difficult decisions and The family, all told by common people, public or famous people but always with a characteristic in common: an exceptional story.

From the title can be appreciated the intention of compilers Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfeld, who built their career through motivational lectures and talks that sought to convince people to fight for their ideals. They discovered through their lectures and presentations that what really motivated people were not the orders, suggestions or recommendations that the experts made but to know the life experiences of other people, with similar situations or characteristics, and To see that, despite everything, they had been able to achieve success and happiness.

In the face of these findings, they set out together to collect stories from different personalities and people, to capture them in this book and begin their distribution, not forgetting that every story present in the book had to be successful and help people to have a better Attitude to conflict situations. But the title was a complicated decision and both looked for a name for a publication that had such purposes, an issue that seemed to have no end until one day Jack remembered how his grandmother offered him chicken broth whenever something was wrong, which He immediately gave her an idea.

For his grandmother chicken broth was the solution for everything because it cured the body, that was the same effect that he wanted the book to have but instead of the whole body, for the soul. This is how the edition of the first of several books of Chicken Soup … was born, where there are shocking stories, which seek to shock but above all have the touch of “happy ending” that, this time, is more than a story of fairies.

Within the original stories are people who fight against cancer, who deal with the disability of a loved one or with the difficult moments that teenage children go through but also is full of stories that surprise within the everyday, as people who are On the streets in situations of poverty, the surprising kindness of a colleague or someone on public transport who does heroic activities.

Each chapter is dedicated to a theme in space, such as love, friendship, family and within these stories are told by different people, which provides varied perspectives, from famous sportsmen like Michael Jordan to a supermarket worker with three children .

All these stories are real and cause a feeling of warmth in the soul, as described by its authors, will not say what to do or how, but teach that it is possible to get out of difficult situations, maybe not solve them but overcome them.