The One Minute Manager


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Written By: Kenneth Blanchard

Read By: Kenneth Blanchard

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Publisher’s Summary: Success Can Be Yours With The One Minute Manager
The world’s foremost producer of personal development and motivational audio programs offers you the most important minute of your career.
With more than two million hardcover copies in print, The One Minute Manager ranks as one of the most successful management books ever published. Now, you can listen and learn the strategies of one-minute management to save time and increase your productivity whether it be in your business, your home or even managing your children.
You will learn to use three easy-to-master management techniques that have already changed the lives of millions:
One Minute Goal Setting
One Minute Praising
One Minute Reprimands
Deceptively simple, and measurably effective, the secrets of one-minute management will help you boost profits, productivity and purpose immediately.

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The One Minute Manager: Kenneth Blanchard
Audio Book Summary

the one minute manager download audiobbok free

The story features a young entrepreneur who wants to discover how to be a successful, and in contrast, the Executive to the Minute, a successful entrepreneur who has developed an efficient method to be productive and deal with their employees.

The young executive travels around the world looking for inspiration from other executives, until he arrives with the Executive to the Minute.

The first great lesson you get is that a Minute Executive is one that gets good results in a short time. The second great lesson is that productivity is also quality and not just quantity, that is, it is not just how many things you do, but how you do them.

Executive to Minute, after these lessons, tells the young man the secrets of his company’s success. The first of the secrets is the forecast of objectives in a minute that consists in making clear the objectives to person, reduces the uncertainty and avoids duplication of work or that nobody does a task excusing that it was not part of his work. ยง Most of the time employees have no idea what they are actually asked to do, so they do not deliver the results expected of them; It is important to be specific when speaking to specify the task to be performed.

The second of the secrets is “The praises of a minute” in which the person is recognized every time he does something well, which produces much better results than criticism and punishment when they do something wrong.

The third secret is “The reprimands to the minute” that serves to correct the errors to the minute. When someone is wrong, executive tells him in particular that they have done wrong and says it at the moment but always oriented to the positive. At first the reading is very elementary because it seems to contain lessons of common sense, but you would be surprised to realize that however obvious they sound, they are not put into practice in the great majority of companies.

The One Minute Executive shows that there are simple management techniques that allow the fulfillment of the objectives, allow a motivated and therefore productive staff with a highly motivated staff and therefore with a high work performance, all with a minimum of time . – These techniques are proposed by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson basically consist of saying things in a concrete way, at the right time, to make clear what is expected of each person and never disrespect or see below the collaborators Of the company.

This book is a simple story, easy to read and full of analogies that presents us with new techniques to lead a company’s personnel successfully. To sum up, The executive minute is a method that seeks efficiency in a simple way, with a direction focused on results and staff: – Finally, it should be noted that this method is based on clear, concise communication