The Richest Man in Babylon


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Written By: George S. Clason

Read By:Grover Gardner

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Publisher’s Summary: “As a young man, I came across George Samuel Clason’s classic 1926 book The Richest Man in Babylon, which offered commonsense financial advice told through ancient parables. I recommend it to everyone.” –Tony Robbins, Money: Master the Game

The ancient Babylonians were the first people to discover the universal laws of prosperity. In his classic bestseller, “The Richest Man in Babylon,” George S. Clason reveals their secrets for creating, growing, and preserving wealth.

Through these entertaining tales of merchants, tradesmen, and herdsmen, you’ll learn how to keep more out what you earn; get out of debt; put your money to work; attract good luck; choose wise investments; and safeguard a lasting fortune.

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The richest man in babylon: George S. Clason
Audio Book Summary

download the richest man in babylon free

The Richest Man in Babylon  tells the story of Arkad, the most prosperous man in Babylon and a mythical land for its riches and opulence.

Arkad and the advice it gives to acquire and maintain wealth are at the heart of a book, it shows a path to prosperity and happiness, offering analysis and practical solutions to the personal financial problems we face every day.

Every person has ambitions and dreams for the future. To achieve them, you need to learn how to be successful with money. The parables of Babylon will show you how.

There are several basic principles for acquiring wealth:

Live with less than you earn. A person who spends all his time and surpasses himself, spending more than he earns, is wasting opportunities to accumulate wealth. Seek advice from people who can give it, thanks to their own experience. One Make your child’s savings work for you. There are seven steps you must follow to heal an empty wallet, and ensure that you have enough money to secure the future and achieve your ambitions.
Start growing your pocket, again Clason recommends

Learning to live with 90% or less of your total income, and you will soon get used to saving.

Control your expenses: it is necessary to distinguish between articles of need and desires. You must identify which are the desires that can be postponed or discarded.

Multiply your money: save is just the beginning of accumulation of money: The key is to put that money to produce in other projects that generate additional income.

 Make your home a profitable investment: the best investment you can make with the money saved is to buy your home. Instead of spending money on the monthly rent, use it to pay the debt purchased for the purchase of the property. After a few years, you will have a valuable property.

Secure Future Income: An intelligent person prepares for the future by ensuring that he has a regular income available when he is no longer able to work. Increase your ability to earn more money to achieve this in your current career – desire, persistence, concentration and wisdom are the way to higher income.

Also mention how once gold won, avoid future fiascos or scams, when considering any business proposal.

Accordingly, it is a book on financial education that should be of general knowledge, it has as scene to Babylon that was the richest, great and influential city of the ancient civilization, thanks to the commercial abilities of its inhabitants and where money was Used for the first time. What we can observe of the richest man in Babylon is his determination. The determined person will always find a way to succeed in the long run. A person who does not possess such virtue will surrender as soon as the task seems too difficult for him to cope with.  The advantage of this plan is that it provides hope for the future, while offering practical steps to get out and stay out of debt.