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Written By: Zig Ziglar

Read By: Zig Ziglar

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Publisher’s Summary: 25 years ago, the great Zig Ziglar presented a seminar that stunned audiences, broke new ground, and forever cemented his reputation as one of the most exciting, inspiring, and authentic motivators ever to take the stage. Since then, millions of people have forged a path to tremendous personal, professional and financial success using the principles presented in this seminar as their guide.

Recorded live at that very seminar, See You At The Top amuses, informs, inspires, delights, and motivates as only Zig can. Speaking to you as if you were a guest in his living room, Zig unfolds a proven, unbeatable philosophy for successful living based on self-confidence, traditional values, and uplifting thinking. You’ll discover:
• The secret to getting everything you want in life
• How to be paid more for what you’re doing
• Easy-to-make changes that will help you feel better about your life
• How to shield yourself from negativism
• Seven steps you can take to get the most out of life
• How to put your subconscious to work to get more of what you want
• And much, much more!
With a new introduction by Brian Tracy, the exclusive 25th Anniversary Edition of this classic program is a must for anyone who is serious about achieving true, lasting success across the entire spectrum of life.

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See You At The Top: Zig Ziglar
Audio Book Summary

See you at the top download audiobook free
Zac Ziglar is today one of the most sought-after speakers and an inexorable expert on motivation, both personal and business. The content of his book See You At The Top, is about overcoming and success; How it is possible to become better people. To the process of positive transformation, Zagal compares it to the steps of a ladder by which he must climb; Each step is a goal that we have to fulfill in order to advance towards the summit that represents self-realization. The book consists of several segments that with examples, help the reader to understand in depth the steps by which it is necessary to pass along the way to become the best version of oneself, in a better person.

In the first segment we talk about a ladder to the summit. In this section, we talk about opening the mind, encouraging the imagination. Appreciate the small things in life and discover personal skills. Ziglar tells us that what is inside us is what will bring us up. In the other segments, there is talk about obstacles and how to overcome them by means of attitude. Decision, perseverance, discipline, are some other of the characteristics needed to successfully reach the top. The highest has different meanings according to the interests of the people, but for all it means one thing, to achieve what we have set ourselves. Another important factor is to identify attractive and valuable goals, stimulating and able to put into action our best energies. This contributes to the person having better self-esteem and recognizing the true scope of their faculties. Success has a price that is not paid … enjoy !, This the author tells us, refers to the process of going up the steps does not have to be suffering, we must also enjoy the way because it is Which will give more flavor to the goal.

The road to the summit can be arduous, but it is full of satisfaction and fulfillment. Every small accomplishment that is represented by going up, is full of effort, but also full of pride to know that we have achieved.

In short, We Will See the Summit will accompany the reader and hold him along his way to the top, it will be the book in which you can seek advice when you are about to fall or descend, will be the book that will motivate To continue moving regardless of the circumstances.

Besides that, it is a kind of guide, not only tells you what you should do, but also explains how to get high from the point of view of Ziglar and his many years of experience.