Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude


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Written By: Napoleon Hill

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Publisher’s Summary: The Powers of the Mind – Your Mind – Are Unlimited. Have You Ever Really Understood Them, and What They Can Mean in Your Life? Here, you will discover an amazing plan based on the concept: “what the mind can conceive and believe – the mind can achieve.” It shows you how to rid your mind of cobwebs-think clearly and explore the subconscious for new ideas; how to set your sights on a goal and attain it, through persistent thinking and positive action. Here, too, is practical advice on how to find satisfaction in your job; how to raise your energy level and how to master the technique of “get-up-and-go, A chapter, You’ve Got a Problem? That’s Good! shows how to meet problems head on, pluck out the good elements, and use them to advantage. In simple, straightforward language here are 5 self-motivators, that provide a springboard to success . . 6 steps to cheerfulness. A vital factor in human relationships . . . 3 ways to rid yourself of guilt, a common barrier to success. Honest answers to your personal analysis questionnaire – based on 17 principles for success-reveal your success pattern, your ambitions. And the chances of making them come true. Filled to the brim with tried, tested rules and personal case histories, this book will go with you on your journey to success – but you must put the principles to work. Start now, on your way to success in business, at home and in your social life. Here is your guide, Read what others have done, how they have done it, and remember that you can do it, too.

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Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude: Napoleon Hill
Audio Book Summary

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It focuses on demonstrating the power of the mind; Explain the method in which you can achieve success by having a strong vision.

It consists of 5 disaggregated chapters that together contains 19 topics on what can be achieved having a positive attitude to the circumstances of daily life.

There are two possible paths to follow, one that will surely attract you wealth, success, happiness and health, and on the other hand that lead to decay.

Hill tells us that when you know what you want, you’re more likely to recognize it when you see it.The person with a positive mental attitude sets himself high goals and constantly strives to achieve them.A positive mental attitude is integrated by positive characteristics such as faith, integrity, hope, optimism, courage, initiative, generosity, tolerance, tact, kindness, and common sense.
It is necessary to establish precisely the objectives that are to be achieved As for the problems that we face, we must keep in mind that “Everyone has the necessary skills to overcome them. If life presents us with a problem, it also gives us the skills to face it.

Apart from the problems that do not allow us to reach our goal, there are mental webs that confuse thoughts, they are presented in the form of feelings, emotions, passions, habits, beliefs, and prejudices. Our thoughts are said to be entangled in these cobwebs. Our conscious will is in conflict with our imagination and the freedom of our subconscious, that is, the more we struggle with the more caught we feel. Mental spider webs prevent accuracy of thought. Newton Hill points out that we can avoid mental webs, we can eliminate them, we can sweep them as soon as they begin to develop. And once trapped, we can free ourselves.


To add another idea, failure is one of the reasons why people stop their way to success, some people when they suffer defeat stop trying, do not see defeat as a teaching but as a resounding failure.Keep in mind that in every search, failure is possible, but by failing you may discover something more important.

The book also speaks of self motivation and of stimulating others with the premise of faith. A person with the right attitude is able to motivate himself to achieve his goals, he is so hopeful that he will not let any problem stop him, this does not mean that he will not have them, but he will be able to Overcome them more easily.