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Virtual Freedom

Written By: Chris Ducker
Read By: Chris Ducker
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Publisher’s Summary: Entrepreneurs often suffer from ”superhero syndrome”—the misconception that to be successful, they must do everything themselves. Not only are they the boss, but also the salesperson, HR manager, copywriter, operations manager, online marketing guru, and so much more. It’s no wonder why so many people give up the dream of starting a business—it’s just too much for one person to handle.

But outsourcing expert and ”Virtual CEO,” Chris Ducker knows how you can get the help you need with resources you can afford. Small business owners, consultants, and online entrepreneurs don’t have to go it alone when they discover the power of building teams of virtual employees to help run, support, and grow their businesses.

Virtual Freedom: How to Work with Virtual Staff to Buy More Time, Become More Productive, and Build Your Dream Business is the step-by-step guide every entrepreneur needs to build his or her business with the asset of working with virtual employees. Focusing on business growth, Ducker explains every detail you need to grasp, from figuring out which jobs you should outsource to finding, hiring, training, motivating, and managing virtual assistants.

With additional tactics and online resources, Virtual Freedom is the ultimate resource of the knowledge and tools necessary for building your dream business with the help of virtual staff.

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Virtual Freedom: Chris Ducker
Audio Book Summary


The genVirtual freedom audiobook download freeeration of CEOs who were in charge of everything in the company, has begun to be replaced by more complete work teams that can be delegated tasks with the certainty that they will be done in the right way.

Delegate allows the CEO to take care of what is really important for the achievement of a project or the development of the company.

About these work teams, entrepreneurs often seek to make their operations more virtual and move the work to the Internet to save money and increase efficiency.

Moving to the virtual world may include hiring virtual assistants who are experts in areas such as logistics, accounting, community management, content writers, general assistants, etc. who often live in other cities or other countries, the advantage of hiring them is that you can be sure Who are experts in the area that interests you for your company and experts in efficient times. Hiring, training, and maintaining virtual employees can be a big challenge, however, Chris Ducker, known as the “Virtual Executive Director”, explains how to recruit virtual assistants and work with them. In addition to exposing in his book Virtual Freedom the reasons for which to hire virtual assistants, also offers recommendations on how to manage this type of personnel from a distance. It shows us that it is possible and that in fact, it results in the long term more profitable.

Some of the tips are to give them online training, test their skills, provide feedback, clarify the tasks they will be responsible for, implement metrics and work review schemes, implement Project management tools, and more.All this, is developed in detail throughout the book.In addition, it gives us time management tips for example, starting with scheduling everything. Schedule a time for social networks, a time to answer emails, a time to make or return phone calls, in short, organize the time in blocks of 15 minutes assigning the tasks that will be carried out in each block.Remember: what is programmed, done Finally, the author tells us that we concentrate on being efficient instead of being a thousand people, that we focus on the value we give to our company and delegate the rest, that we define exactly what kind of profile we require and look for it on the basis of it Better talent, the whole process can be overwhelming, so it must be done step by step and little by little, the important thing is to have a well-defined action plan.