Every school has unique challenges to overcome but producing successful students is the goal of almost every principal.

The blueprint for any shared objective includes three aspects:

1. A Strategy: achieving a goal requires planning to be successful.

2. A Process: achieving a goal uses a reasoned approach. 

3. An Action: achieving a goal needs consistent shared effort.

Key 1:

Strategy: Promote an Attitude of Positivity.

Reasoning: Your attitude determines the state of the world you live in.
Reasoning: "Success Thoughts" are short statements that have inspired generations of people.

Action: Include a "Success Thought" every day during the morning announcements.
Action: Encourage your students to download the whole collection of "Success Thoughts."

Key 2:

Strategy: Create an Environment of Positivity.

Reasoning: Your brain responds to your environment based on emotional memories.
Reasoning: When you disrupt the norm, it trains your brain to respond to new triggers effectively. 

Action: Display motivational posters in highly-trafficked areas throughout your school. 
Action: Change or rotate messages to disrupt the norm and provide new positive emotional triggers.

Key 3:

Strategy: Prioritize Literacy.

Reasoning: Reading is a key area of development for children and is vital to cognitive thought processes of logic and reasoning.
Reasoning: Books unleash the imagination, foster creativity, and teach critical thinking. 

Action: Make reading a central focus of the school day. 
Action: Reward reading accomplishments with certificates and awards. (CLICK Here to access fillable PDFs.)

Key 4:

Strategy: Manage Stress Effectively.

Reasoning: Childhood stress has profound implications for students.
Reasoning: Extensive biological research that shows that chronic and severe stress can become toxic to developing brains. 

Action: Promote a positive learning environment to help reduce stress. 
Action: Utilize simple, quick stress management techniques during the school day in the normal course of classroom instruction.