Stress Management

with Dr. Michael Olpin

Dr. Olpin teaches adults at college and the workplace about stress management. The same techniques can be used for children. Teaching these concepts and methods early will equip students with the skills necessary to manage academic stress and anxiety.

How Stress Really Happens

Stress is becoming an increasing problem not only for adults, but for young children in our schools. Stress can manifest itself differently in children than in adults and can have harmful effect if not managed well.

8 Absolute Truths About Stress

Dr. Olpin presents numerous shorts videos, often less than 2 minutes, to address different aspects of managing stress. These quick mini-lessons are eye-opening.


A great mini-lesson for your students: What is within our control and how can that affect our stress level.

Thoughts Become Emotions

A very short overview that can generate great teaching moments. Many other short lessons are available for free on Dr. Olpin's "Stress Relief in a Moment" channel. Click below to open in a new window.

Best Music for Stress Management

Dr. Olpin presents many topics related to stress management in slightly longer videos for deeper insights. These can be used freely for information and for guiding discussion. 

The Real Science of Stress

This 15 minute video is a brief overview of the reason why stress happens and how we are affected by it. Watch other videos on this channel to learn the difference between Stress Prevention and Stress Reduction. Click below to open in a new window.

Stress Management Introduction and Self-Assessment

Dr. Olpin offers his entire college course for free to watch and share clips with your students as you see fit. Click below to open in a new window.

Meditation &
Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Dr. Olpin teaches you how to counteract stress and take control of your mind and body using the tools of PMR (progressive muscle relaxation) and meditation. These powerful techniques can be used daily or when needed to produce instant changes in thought patterns or muscle tension.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)

Everyone carries tension in their body and we are seldom conscience of it. It leads to headaches, muscle strain, and the inability to sleep restfully. This 7-minute guided relaxation will help you fully relax. 


Meditation is the second most effective tool for relieving stress after exercise. Meditation can improve health, reduce daily pressure, improve test scores, increase learning and performance. Learn the techniques in this 50-minute presentation.