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Three Success Keys to eradicate negative thinking and behavior in your school.
A FREE resource with Proven & Promised results.

Your School's Problem:

"Stinking Thinking"

Stinking Thinking brings student depression, anxiety, sucides, drugs, poor attendance, pregancies, low test scores, crime, and much more.

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Students are only what they think

Negative thoughts ONLY produce negative actions.
Positive thoughts ONLY produce positive results.

Your solution: Upgrade their thinking!

Get started...

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...with a daily SUCCESS message during the morning announcements. 

Using the Success Thoughts compendium at the link below, you will have free access to more than 200 concise statements that will promote positive thinking.


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...display SUCCESS posters in prominent locations throughout the school. 

Using the Success Thoughts compendium print and post a few thoughts in highly visible locations and rotate them frequently.


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...reduce stress with highly effective meditation. 

Meditation is the second most effective tool for relieving stress after exercise. Meditation can improve health, reduce daily pressure, improve test scores, increase learning and performance.

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  • Over 200 life-changing Success Thoughts from prominent individuals throughout history.
  • Motivating ideas to awaken capabilities.
  • Proven wisdom to combat negative thinking.
  • Compiled over 40 years.
  • Click to Download Now!

Professional Team

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Dave Olpin
Founding Director and Author

Youth leadership expert for HOBY organization as Utah chapter President for 18 years. 

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Stephen Oliverson
Principal and Lecturer

National Title I Distinguished School Principal of Provost Elementary in Provo, Utah.

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Michael Olpin

Professor of Stress Management and Power Meditation at Weber State University

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