Fidel Montero

Former Timpview High School Principal

Dr. Montero recently served as the outstanding principal of Timpview High School in Provo Utah with more than 2200 students. Prior to that experience he served as Chief of Staff at Utah Valley University and principal of Alta High School. He is an author, presenter, and continues to lead school improvement efforts thorough various engagements with K12 and Higher Education. Dr. Montero’s areas of emphasis include comprehensive school reform, systems development, and quantitative analysis. He has worked in education settings that include New York City, Los Angels, Miami, and throughout the state of Utah.

As principal, Dr. Montero

would start the student's day by using meaningful PA announcements including "Success Thoughts." He felt that to begin the day with these positive statements was proving effective in helping students realize who they could become and give vision of what they could achieve in their lives.

Timpview High School

Nationally recognized high school with a 92 percent graduation rate and A-rated by the students.