Speed Reading

Better readers make better students.

Speed reading is a skill that anyone can develop, and learning this skill at an early age can be very advantageous for children.

Top Seven Advantages of Learning to Speed Read

  • Cover more topics in less time. When children can speed read correctly, they can cover more topics and gather more knowledge. During school hours and at home, it will be easier to conduct more thorough research for projects in the same amount of time. Ultimately, these skills will help them with their careers.
  • Process more information in less time. Speed reading supercharges a child's learning potential by enabling them to process a greater amount of information in less time. By learning to read quickly, children can tap into the power of their subconscious mind and absorb complex concepts without sacrificing comprehension.
  • Increase confidence. Children who can read rapidly and efficiently may feel more confident in their abilities. This can affect their academic performance and self-esteem overall.
  • Improve reading skills. Speed reading helps children identify key information and also teaches them to analyze text, make connections between different ideas, and form opinions based on their reading. This forms the basis for reading more fluently and accurately.
  • Strengthen emotional well-being. Speed reading can also improve your emotional well-being by reducing stress and anxiety associated with information overload.
  • Enhance cognitive abilities. Just as exercise improves muscle tone, speed reading enhances brain function by improving concentration, enlarging memory, cultivating mental agility, and intensifying visualization skills. Our brains respond to input every day and can be trained in the same way that a workout helps us physically.
  • Fosters self-discipline. We aren’t born with self-discipline; it is a learned behavior. Like any other skill, it requires daily practice and repetition. The techniques of speed reading must be practised to be successful. However, when children master the process, they become self-disciplined and harness the power of their mind.